About us

Lost Realm Records started its activity in December 2015 by André Santos, a great heavy metal aficionado since his adolescence. He has been associated with the underworld of heavy music in Lisbon for some years, being a regular DJ at one of the most important night clubs in Lisbon. The taste for the sound of the 70s and 80s (the best era for heavy music), led the label's project to begin. Taking advantage of the fans' increasingly and authentic interest for obscure and cult bands from the golden decades of heavy music, Lost Realm Records assumed the goal of rescuing all the lost bands, which for the most varied reasons, did not get a record contract at the time of their activity.

In addition to the lost bands, we also support all bands that identify with the spirit of the label. It is with great satisfaction that we see an increasing interest by new bands, in making music according to the classic canons of rock music. In that sense, Lost Realm Records will support and release new bands and their future albums. Traditional heavy music can not die!

Much of our catalog has been based on bands from the U.S., but we have also ventured with bands from Europe and other parts of the world. Heavy Metal has no borders! So you can count on us to bring new discoveries from the lost realms of metal music! Let's dwell on all the good treasures in it!