Privacy Policy

Lost Realm Records inform its customers that all purchase orders, issued through our online store, will be object of an exchange of information related to personal data (name, postal address, email address, phone number, etc), which will be automatically processed through the online store server engine, which the official authorities (Portuguese and European Union Law) has been peremptorily notified. In that sense, Lost Realm Records will control and manage all the personal data, only with the objectives related to the label's activity (dispatch of orders and promotional material, improvement of online experience, newsletters, etc).

All the personal data used during the transaction between the customers and Lost Realm Records will not be shared with any third party.

The customer needs also to guarantee the validity of all the personal data, objectively in terms truth, authenticity, fidelity, etc. Lost Realm Records is not responsible for any untruthful data used during the process of ordering through our online store.

Lost Realm Records website uses cookies, just like the majority of all websites in the world wide web, with the binding reason of accessing specific information each time you visit our online store through your internet browser. By using cookies, Lost Realm Records does not hold, share, or transfer, any sensitive personal data. The only data that will be saved is processed automatically by an online algorithm, with the sole objective of user recognition by the next time the customer visits our website. The cookies can be deleted anytime by the customers, by following the instructions on his browser preferences.